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[Elijahzx] Sonias present (Pokémon)

Redhead Milf with massive round boobs that prefer to wear tiny bikini swimsuits – this is how the attraction to big hard cocks is portrayed in the world of hentai parodies! And if you happen to be the fan of “Pokemon” universethen you’re probably already a perfect candidate who will illustrate the fun of this rule of ‘practice’ ‘… which is exactly what it says – we are talking about Sonia!

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Adults, teens and everybody in between – you can have lots of fun when you bring these characters together in one room. Adn yes, this scheme can be applied to hentai-themed parodies too. So join thegroup of secondary characters from "Pokemon" and witness for yourself that they are fun to be with! This time around, Pokemons are not in the mix, but Ash Ketchum's gorgeous mom will be!

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[Lucyfer-comic] Dr. Voir

How should a fan-favorite pokemon look? Well, this pokemon should appear like Gardevoir but also she has to be smart and possess an attractive bodycurve – it's a fact! You probably guessed it already that it's Gardevoir, the star of the hentai parody. Do not waste time to check out her stunning talent right now!

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[Wolfrad Senpai] Cynthias New God (Pokemon)

It is a common thing for trainers with experience to offer instructions and tips to newer trainers. Also, there could be a huge pokemon in the mix.

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